Friday, February 04, 2011

'This Is Not Democracy, Letting People Yell and Scream'

King Mikey Bloomberg want want to bone up on that whole freedom of speech thing. You may not like the tactics of protesters, but they do have a right to be heard.
The booing and chanting crowds that disrupted meetings on closing 22 schools this week were "embarrassing" - not just to the city but the entire nation, Mayor Bloomberg said Friday.

"The decorum: it's embarrassing for New York City, New York State, for America. This is not democracy, letting people yell and scream," Mayor Bloomberg said on the John Gambling radio show.

"That's not freedom of expression, to take away someone else's rights. If we want to attract good people to come and work for the public, you don't do this."
How is this embarrassing to the nation? Is anyone outside New York City even aware of these school closings?
Angry parents and teachers union members hollered, chanted and even banged drums at Panel for Education Policy meetings this week to oppose the closures of struggling schools and placement of charters in existing schools.
I bet if they lined up outside some gun manufacturer and banged drums Bloomberg would be kvelling with glee.
The mayor said a wide array of New Yorkers, however, should take offense at the disruptions.

"When you're yelling at a meeting like they had last night, you're yelling at the teachers, you're dissing them, you're dissing the principals, you're dissing the school safety officers, you're dissing the custodians, you're dissing the taxpayers paying for it," he said.
But I guess it's OK for Bloomberg to diss ObamaCare opponents by insinuating they had a role in the attempted bombing of Times Square, or diss the state of Arizona by running a gun sting, right?


Rhymes With Right said...

And when you are letting a mosque bebuilt at ground Zero, you are dissing the victims -- including the police and firefighters who died.  But Bloomberg says THAT is democracy.

CenTexTim said...

<span>"The decorum: it's embarrassing for New York City..."</span>

NYC is known for its decorum.

Jon1979 said...

I'd love to hear the mayor's reaction if Ann Coulter or some other conservative tried to talk at Town Hall or Cooper Union and was heckled into abandoning their speech. My guess is he'd fail to see the equivalency, espcially if the talk was on gun possession rights or smoking in public places like city parks.

Anonymous said...

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