Monday, July 11, 2011

'I Understand That the Black Community Has Been Decimated by Double-Digit Unemployment, But We Should Not Settle for Just Any Jobs'

Indeed, why should folks in the black community settle for some measly job at Wal-Mart when they can hold out for that plum six-figure gig that sure to come along thanks to Barack Obama's wonderful economy?
Mayor Thomas M. Menino may be reluctant to roll out the welcome mat for Wal-Mart, but some Boston residents say they want the jobs and low-priced goods.

“It would be great for me,” said Robin Gibbons, 52, of South Boston, who lives on a fixed income. “I’d rather go to a local Wal-Mart than the nearest one in Quincy. I think it would be good in that more people would be working.”

The battle over bringing a Wal-Mart to the city is heating up. On one side are Menino and activists who have criticized the retail giant’s wages and benefits, while on the other side are city residents who insist the mayor should bring Wal-Mart — and its jobs and rock-bottom prices — to Boston.

Menino could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Darnell Williams, president of the Urban League of Massachusetts, ratcheted up the debate last week when he told the Boston Business Journal the city should “embrace a project that would bring jobs for residents.” Williams could not be reached for comment yesterday.

But Horace Small, executive director the Union of Minority Neighborhoods, an advocacy group in Jamaica Plain, countered, “I understand that the black community has been decimated by double-digit unemployment, but we should not settle for just any jobs.”
So clowns like Small, and on a larger scale, the clown Mayor Mumbles Menino would prefer people to not have jobs because of some stupid ideological opposition to Wal-Mart. Seriously, what is their problem? They'd rather pay more for merchandise? They'd prefer residents to just sit around and collect welfare?

Apparently so. There's no other logical conclusion.
In Dudley Square, Roxbury resident Monique Henderson said a Wal-Mart would be a boost to the neighborhood. “It would be nice to have it here,” she said. “There are lots of people looking for jobs so that would help out.”
Democrats pretend they want to "create" jobs, and then an employer comes along with plenty of available jobs and they block them at every opportunity. They're rather have people dependent on the government, but they just don't want to say so publicly. Their actions speak volumes.


Michael Ryan said...

Like so much else in the economy they think that "jobs" is a zero sum game.  If low paying jobs are allowed here, high paying jobs will go elsewhere. There's never any recognition that the economy could, in some theoretical sense, you know, GROW.

So, let them take those jobs at WalMart, for now.  Then when the giant surge of jobs arrives from some high-paying new industry or service they can quit WalMart and go to the new job.

laZrtx said...

A walmart in roxbury would be like the walmart in NO during Katrina. The employees would steal all the merchandise.

Greg said...

Don' you just love it when folks who have jobs and money tell the poor and unemployed that they ought not be allowed to take certain jobs?