Wednesday, July 06, 2011

NYC Atheists Winning Friends and Influencing People

File this one under the category of Know When to Pick Your Fights. This isn't one of them. But in the non-stop assault on religion, there's no level of pettiness people won't stoop to, apparently.
Ralph Gullickson never found his firefighter brother's remains after 9/11. All he has is a street sign honoring him - and now a city atheist group wants to take it away.

The Manhattan-based NYC Atheists are demanding the city change the name of a Brooklyn block christened "Seven in Heaven Way" in honor of seven area firefighters killed in the Sept.11 attacks.

"We weren't even able to recover my brother's remains. These little things like a sign is all we have left," said Gullickson, 44, referring to his brother Joseph. "How dare these people try to take it away from us."

"He didn't go in there that day and ask people what their religion [was] or whether they believed in God. He just went to save people," Gullickson added.

"It's disgusting and horrible," said Catherine O'Mara, 71, whose son-in-law Brian Cannizzaro is honored on the sign. "This means everything to the women who lost their husbands."
Instead of just getting along, some people really would rather get a punch in the face.
But Ken Bronstein, head of NYC Atheists, said he and his lawyers are mulling a lawsuit.

"We are not against honoring anyone who died or served on 9/11," Bronstein said. "What we're against is the use of the word 'heaven,' which is a religious concept
Why not just ban the words heaven and heavenly from even being spoken in public. Would that satisfy these people?


Eli said...

Ah atheists.  The only religion they're okay with is Islam. 

Mortar Pestle said...

To "unmentionable h-word" with atheists.

Anonymous said...

Tolerance indeed...

mreastla said...

Nothing will satisfy these maricas, nothing. These tolerant civil atheistic people (sarcastic remark made) only want to force their world view on everyone. Siimply put, atheism can't compete in the market of ideas, its impossible to to believe such a system honestly. The atheistic simple only works for people with severe daddy issues of phobias about their own sinful natures, thus, they strike at GOD because he calls them and these fools know it.