Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Rhode Island Democrats Pass Voter ID Bill, 'Communities of Color' Hardest Hit

Obviously, it's racist. Oh wait, Democrats passed it and Lincoln Chafee signed it? Well, it's just good government in that case.
The fight over Rhode Island’s new voter identification law continued for three days after Governor Chafee quietly signed the legislation, with opponents saying they were led by the governor’s office to believe they still had a fighting chance.

A week earlier, Democratic North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue vetoed a voter-ID bill passed by her state’s Republican-controlled legislature, saying it would “unnecessarily and unfairly disenfranchise many eligible and legitimate voters.”

But there was no such opposition from Chafee in Rhode Island, where Democrats overwhelmingly control the House and Senate. Democratic House Speaker Gordon D. Fox was one of the co-sponsors of the new voter-identification law, along with Democrat Jon Brien, of Woonsocket, and Republicans Joseph Trillo, of Warwick, and Doreen Costa, of North Kingstown. The Senate version was sponsored by Sen. Harold Metts, a Providence Democrat.

Chafee has not yet spelled out his reasons for signing the legislation. Starting in 2012, voters will have to show some form of identification. By 2014, they will have to show a valid photo ID, or cast provisional ballots that will only count if their signatures match their voter registration cards.

The secretary of state’s office will begin issuing free identification cards next year to people who need them.
Um, will those getting the "free" cards need to show some kind of ID?

The usual suspects aren't happy, of course.
“From Ocean State Action came this statement: “On the last day of the session, after an hour and a half of debate and, against the strong objections of progressive legislators, the General Assembly passed a voter-identification bill that will disenfranchise low-income voters, communities of color, the elderly and students across the State of Rhode Island.
Communities of color?


vet66 said...

Without control of who is an eligible voter a state ends up counting folks who make a living driving from one state to another to further the progressive cause. The result is bankrupt states, unfunded mandates from congress due to non-enforcement of immigration laws, half the population not paying taxes while living on the dole, and retirement homes where caretakers tell the residents who to vote for if not outright filling the ballot for them with bias aforethought.  Can one seriously believe that a proper I.D. is impossible to get for any legal resident? Typical nanny state nonsense driven by unions and progressives looking to get reelected by the very 'people of color' they pimp for their own power-grabbing ends on the taxpayer dime.

John Whittaker said...

This makes me wonder what is happening here in Florida where we have had Voter ID requirements for many years. There are several different ways to identify yourself, but you must have some sort of picture ID. You need an ID to drive, buy alcohol, cigarettes, apply for a job(the I-9 form), cash a check or other financial transactions, so I really don't see where carrying ID is a hardship.

Mike Florey said...

Yeah, send us your poor, your tired, your disenfrancised and illegitimate, your tombstone voters and union goons. We'll make up some sort of ID. Maybe several per voter.

NeoKong said...

No ID....? How did they manage to get on welfare and food stamps...?