Friday, July 08, 2011

Pelosi: Hey, Anyone Notice How There's No Celebratory Bill Signings at the White House Anymore?

Yeah, 'cause we really miss seeing the Democrats spike the football right in our faces as they sign unread, unfunded, and unwanted bills.

Via Breitbart.


GrannyJanJihadKitty said...

Sounds like happy hour started a little early.

southernsue said...

so glad i don't have to see her face everytime you turn on the news.

please GOD, intervene in this horrible democratice mess.

DJ Trent said...

@<span><span>GrannyJanJihadKitty</span>  - I think she just had her botox "refreshed" and got some in her tongue. Good grief, I haven't seen a face that stiff Joan Rivers! </span>