Friday, July 08, 2011

Uhh, Texas, About That New School Superintendent Y'all Just Hired

The DeSoto Independent School District (ISD), a suburb of Dallas, might be having some second thoughts about the hiring of their new school superintendent.
She won’t officially start work until next week but the new DeSoto Independent School District Superintendent is already under a cloud of suspicion.

New hire Dr. Kathy Augustine comes to DeSoto from the Atlanta, Georgia school system.

Earlier this week the Georgia Governor’s office issued a report naming Augustine as one of the school administrators suspected of giving investigators false information in their probe of massive test cheating.
Here is what the commission found specifically.
Dr. Augustine had a legal and ethical duty not to falsify, misrepresent, omit or erroneously report information submitted to governmental agencies. We conclude that Dr. Augustine violated this by duty by intentionally causing a letter containing false information to be transmitted to the state. Specifically, Dr. Augustine caused and allowed a letter to be transmitted to the state indicating that the investigation into allegations of cheating at Deerwood Academy was complete and that no evidence of cheating had been found.

We conclude that Dr. Augustine either knew or should have known cheating and other misconduct was occurring in schools in the APS system.

Finally, when questioned about the Deerwood Academy investigation and other matters, she made false statements.
Yeah, other then the part about the teachers sitting in the break room changing answers on the test while other teachers were surprised to discover that students who had previously been unable to read passed the CRCT test with flying colors. Of course, the principal making an occasional visit to the break room to get a candy bar and check up on their progress wasn't suspicious in the least.

The ball is in their court now. Let's see just how far that slogan "Don't Mess With Texas" goes.


Your Mom said...

Other THAN!!!!!! then/than two different words with different meanings!!!!!!

southernsue said...

i think texas should stop her gravy train right now!

i believe i read that these were criminal offences under federal law and that some of those teachers and administrators were going to be jailed.

at any rate, they should be jailed, bilking the system for money and not doing what they are handsomly paid to do.

Carole said...

Ditto Mom. I can always tell when Grunt writes because he uses "then" wrong EVERY time!!

laZrtx said...

Desoto school board is dumber than a box of rocks. They should all be recalled.

fiatlux said...

I love how all these teachers have "doctor" pasted to their name. I dare anyone to produce any significant or utstanding work produced in these so-called "doctoral" programs. Credentialism at its absolute worse - teachers who can't add, spell, know little history, lack subjsct knowledge but get paid extra for adding on irrelevant titles supposedly annointing them as being experts in pedagogy while the schools churn out undereducated miscreants.

Carole said...

Ditto Mom. I can always tell a Grunt post because he is forever and always using "then" incorrectly!