Monday, July 11, 2011

Weiner's Grueling 'Rehab' Now Includes Romantic Dinners in South Beach

Supposedly he was entering "rehab" around the time he resigned office in disgrace. Then a couple of weeks ago he was reportedly again entering "rehanb" for his obvious problems. So when the heck is this guy going away?
Anthony Weiner escaped to Miami for a romantic weekend with wife Huma to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Witnesses told us that the couple, who married a year ago on Long Island, looked very much in love as they dined with friends at Miami's celebrity hot spot Prime 112 steakhouse on Saturday night. The couple sat in the private wine room with the curtains partially closed. Anthony and Huma, apparently untroubled by his recent scandal, were seen being very affectionate at the table and laughing as they dined with another couple. Huma had a noticeable baby bump while wearing loose-fitting clothes. They went mostly unnoticed but when leaving they stood in front of the restaurant.

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Anonymous said...

I am certain that Huma will do anything to advance the Muslim Brotherhood agenda, including frak a commie from Crooklyn.