Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blinky the Blogger

I doubt Stretch Pelosi knows how to even log on to a computer, let alone create and edit a blog. But let's play along.
Pelosi also hired a full-time staff member this month dedicated to blogger outreach, and is making plans to launch a blog of her own. The day she was sworn in, bloggers were given special accommodations at the Capitol to cover the event, and fed lunch.

It's all evidence of the newfound attention bloggers from left-leaning Web sites are commanding on Democratic-run Capitol Hill, especially from the new speaker, a San Franciscan with an appreciation for the power of the Internet and grass-roots activism.
I always love the media terminology for hardcore leftists. In this case it's "left-leaning." If they leaned any more to the left, they'd tip over.

The story claims they're reaching out. But only if you're on the good side.
"They've gone from an initial writing blogs off, then moving to skepticism, then moving to, 'OK, maybe we can find a way of working with these guys,'" said John Aravosis, who runs Americablog.com.

"It's a power base and it's influential and it's an opportunity. And you know what? It exists," Aravosis added.

"It should only scare you if you're on their bad side."
Believe me, I'm more amused than scared.

Michelle Malkin has more.

UPDATE: Silly me. How could I forget the photo? (Courtesy of Paleo Lithics.)

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