Friday, April 27, 2007

Turks to Protest Against Sharia and Islamism...

Another mass protest against Sharia and the creeping Islamist threat in Turkey is planned for this weekend. This rally will be held in Instanbul and like the previous Ankara protest, hundreds of thousands are expected to attend.


"Unite for the (secular) Republic, tomorrow will be too late" is the official slogan for another massive demonstration against AKP government that is to be held in Istanbul on Sunday, April 29, 2007.The event, which follows the giant April 14 demonstration in Ankara, is supported by hundreds of NGOs, particularly women's organizations, and is expected to also draw hundreds of thousands.The organizers have been calling on everyone to "unite for the secular Republic" and to "defend Ataturk's principles," and have invited all citizens who say "no to shari'a and Islamism."

If the Islamists do try and go too far, the Turkish Army may have to step in..

Army 'concerned' by Turkey vote

Turkey's army has warned against questioning the country's secular system after a disputed first-round presidential vote in parliament.

In a statement, it said it will not shy away from displaying its position.

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