Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Duncan Hunter: The Other Guy Running For President

Because the mass market media can't seem to trouble themselves with all of the candidates I felt it necessary to highlight some of things Mr Hunter has been up to in the last couple of days. Maybe it is just that the supposed national media just can't keep up with Mr Hunter, but I think he is someone who now deserves attention.

Full disclosure: I do lean more towards Fred Thompson more then anybody but I believe this guy deserves some attention and may best embody the conservvative standards that people say are missing from the other candidates.

Article talking about Duncan Hunter while he was head of the House Armed Service Committee. Nice story about him getting a phone call from his son who fighting in Fallujah wanting to know where the orders to stop were coming from.
“I don’t care about leaving a legacy,” the California Republican said in an interview. “‘You do the best you can for the country every day’ — that’s my motto.”
And he makes a campaign stop in WY to speak about the loss of manufacturing jobs in America. This I believe is an issue that deserves more prominence then it is given. We need to bring back our manufacturing base.
He said in 2005, 155,000 non-Mexicans were caught illegally entering the United States from Mexico.
In keeping with my theme of Deeds not Words
In fact, Hunter said he got a fence erected separating Tijuana, Mexico, from California. He said the fence reduced crime 53 percent in San Diego.
And at a stop in SC where he discusses healthcare/insurance issues.
“The first thing we should do is really simple,” he said. “We should allow you to buy insurance across state lines if you want to. The same policy that costs $70 a month in California costs $300 a month in New Jersey. If you could buy over state lines, you could get much better deals. We live in a time where you can go online and buy almost anything -- except insurance. If you could open that up, it would bring down the cost of health care.”
Hunter also said some families should only need “catastrophic” health insurance with the return of the “family doctor.”

“Why should you have to have an insurance company for a $50 doctor visit any more than for $70 worth of groceries?” Hunter asked. “A doctor wants a simple practice with patients, not paperwork. I don’t think everyone needs insurance. This country has been intimidated by those people who are pressing to socialize our country. How many people do you know who have had their homes taken by the hospital?”

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