Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Tale Of Two Healthcare Forums

Today in Atlanta we had the unique experience of two different gatherings revolving around the current debate on the proposed healthcare legislation. One was a townhall/forum hosted by that irascible scamp Rep. David Scott (D-GA) in Jonesboro at a high school and the other was a rally held in downtown Atlanta at Centennial Olympic Park.

The story can best be told in pictures. By now everyone is aware of the allegations made by the left of those who oppose the legislation are somehow nothing more then stooges and pawns of the some greater conspiracy and what they call "astroturf" protestors, meaning they aren't real but rather on the payroll of somebody.

Well, let's see which side dresses alike and shows up with pre printed slickly produced signs and which group just sort of shows up.

This one puts it in perfect perpective.

About 3000 folks showed up downtown for the rally against Obamacare and Mr. Scott's forum played to a full house also.

The photos were courtesy of the Atlanta Journal Constitution and for more pictures go here.

Two metro Atlanta representatives, Hank Johnson and David Scott, solidly support the Obama, Pelosi, Reid plan and as proof that they are not really representing their constituents in a poll recently conducted by one of our local TV stations, 11 Alive, the results show 56% oppose and only 34% are in favor of the current legislation, but neither of these gentlemen give two flips about their constituents, only about staying in the good graces of Madame Pelosi. David Scott even has the nerve to call himself a Blue Dog. They ought to kick him out if he is an example of a Blue Dog Democrat, since he hasn't got a fiscally conservative bone in his body.

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