Monday, November 15, 2010

Heartwarming Socialized Medicine Success Story of the Day

The easiest way to stop something so ridiculous would be to stop taking organs from diseased patients.
Desperate transplant patients are being given the lungs of chain smokers because the NHS is so short of organ donations.

Surgeons are also being forced to use diseased body parts from cancer sufferers, drug addicts and the very elderly.

Experts say that the waiting list for transplants has now grown so long that hospitals are increasingly resorting to implanting so-called 'high risk' organs.

There are around 8,000 people needing an organ donation at any one time and every day three patients die because they do not get one in time.

As a result, doctors say that most patients would probably accept a 'high risk' or 'marginal' organ as without it they may not survive the year.

They are also using tissue from those more at risk of carrying HIV and Hepatitis C such as gay men and drug users.
I guess it would be homophobic or something to not use such tissue.
'We have certainly, and so have other units, transplanted organs from 70-year-olds.'

'But last year a young woman died just five months after being given the lungs of a 30-a-day smoker.'

Lyndsey Scott, 28, a cystic fibrosis sufferer, developed severe pneumonia shortly after the transplant.

She was never told the organs would be coming from a smoker and her family claimed that she would never had gone ahead with the operation if she had known.

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