Monday, November 15, 2010

Professional Liar From MSNBC Now Lecturing About Political Journalism

How hard up are the people at the Kennedy School of Government that they're reduced to having this woman lecture on political journalism?
Could U.S. Sen. Scott Brown’s fund-raising fear-mongering become a political reality with a 2012 Senate challenge from MSNBC’s top liberal talk diva?

“There’s a reason people in opinion-driven news flirt with running for office,” liberal host Rachel Maddow told a Harvard University audience last night. “It gets a ratings spike.”

But Maddow declined to commit to the flirt last night, as she delivered the 2010 Theodore H. White address on political journalism at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

A tweet sent to Maddow by Democratic state chairman John Walsh kicked off a firestorm of rumors about the talk-show host’s political ambitions. Brown sent out a fund-raising e-mail in March warning supporters of a possible Maddow candidacy — prompting the sometime Northampton resident to take out a full-page newspaper ad denying it.

Maddow said last night she “will never be” a politician, but her local fans last night made it clear they want her to step up.

The Kennedy School crowd was positively salivating at the prospect of a Maddow run.

One starry-eyed college student wanted to know what made her switch from politics to news, and from which is she better-placed to change the world?

“I stopped trying to change the world on March 9, 2007,” Maddow said, citing the day when she stopped her work as an activist and started at Air America, the liberal radio station.

“You say you’re no longer an activist, but aren’t you?” persisted one law student.

“No,” Maddow said.

“You have confirmed over and over again that you’re not going to run for office, and we don’t have the privilege to elect you,” bemoaned another student.

“I’m real happy with my job,” Maddow insisted.
Of course her "job" is working as a full-time advocate for the hard left while peddling outlandish conspiracy theories on national television. Instead of being deservedly on the unemployment line she gets a gig lecturing on journalism. Good grief.

Much more here on Maddow's complete disdain for actual journalism.

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