Monday, November 01, 2010

Nervous Barney Frank Schedules 'Election Night Event'

How much it must gall the arrogant Barney Frank that he has to lower himself to the point where he's begging seniors for votes a day out of the election.
With hours to go before Election Day, the two candidates running for Congress in Massachusetts' 4th district were out in force Monday drumming up some last minute support.

In a final campaign push - Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank rallied voters in New Bedford Monday morning. In what some call his toughest re-election fight ever, Frank asked a group of seniors to support his 16th run for the 4th District seat.

"I do fight for funding for st. Luke's hospital, St. Anne's hospital. For Route 24, for Route 18. Said Frank. "Historically this state and federal government hasn't treated Southeastern Massachusetts very fairly."
Well, whose fault is that? You've been their representative for three decades. Sound like he's admitting he can't get the job done.

Meanwhile, Frank seems nervous enough that he's scheduling an "election night event" tomorrow instead of a victory rally.
Mr. Frank will be at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Newton on Tuesday night, but he is not going so far as to call it a victory party. The schedule released by his campaign Monday refers to it as an “election night event.”
I imagine his heckler boyfriend is bringing the doobies.

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