Monday, November 01, 2010

Beck to Grayson: 'I’m a Bit Concerned Because You Seem a Little Desperate'

Well, we're about ready to roll on election day, and some folks are getting cocky.
Dear Alan…How’s that fundraising going? I’m a bit concerned because you seem a little desperate, using me and all. But don’t worry, I’m sure everything will work out fine. It’s not like anyone is donating any money to your conservative opponent, Daniel Webster (donate here: Have a great day tomorrow! Good luck! Not that you’ll need it against Daniel Webster (donate here:

The move by Mr. Beck comes just days after Mr. Grayson launched the “Glenn Beck, Mind Your Own Business” campaign, which encourages supporters to contribute to a special fund with the same name.

Mr. Grayson continues to trail Mr. Webster in the latest poll, which shows him trailing by 7 percent.
The man has warned us for months to not get cocky. Patience, my friends, we're almost there.

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