Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Of Course! Michelle Obama on Vogue's Top 10 Best Dressed List

Amazingly this fashion icon setting trends nationwide didn't claim the top spot. I guess the fawning suck-ups at Vogue didn't want to make their pandering so obvious.

Can't tell you how ubiquitous this outfit has become in fashion circles. She really is a trendsetter.

Need more laughs?
Vogue’s at-large editor, Andre Leon Talley says of Obama: "Style is not an afterthought to this wife and mother committed to national service; whether she is frolicking on the White House lawn in Converse or at an awards dinner in Michael Kors scarlet chiffon, she always looks elegant and appropriate to the occasion and to our modern times."
Dude obviously didn't see that photo at the top. Seriously, if this list came out and this woman was not on it nobody would bat an eyelash or care. But they offend our senses by trying to pretend she's some fashion icon when it's clear she can't even dress properly with a staff of over a hundred waiting on her, none of who either a) have the slightest taste of b) have the courage to tell her she looks ridiculous most of the time. The media enablers have carried on with two years of it now and it's embarrassing.

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