Tuesday, November 16, 2010

'This May Be the Only Shovel-Ready Project in America'

Leave it to Dick Cheney to get in the best dig at the groundbreaking for the George W. Bush Library. Surely his good friends on the left will appreciate his biting sarcasm by wishing another heart attack on him.
The ceremony featured former vice president Dick Cheney, who made one of his first public appearances since heart surgery this year -- and who, in contrast to his former boss, couldn't resist taking a shot at Obama.

Citing the construction schedule of the library, Cheney said, "This may be the only shovel-ready project in America," using a phrase Obama used to describe stimulus bill items but later discarded.

Cheney, looking thinner, cited some of the positive reviews of Bush's book and said critical assessments of his presidency may be starting to change.

"History is beginning to come around," Cheney said.

Bush joked about the overtime 2000 election with Al Gore. He noted it was just over a decade ago that voters went to the polls -- and, "just under a decade ago, we just figured out the result." He said he's the only candidate "who won the same election five times."
H/T Spitfire Murphy, via Mark Knoller.

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