Friday, December 03, 2010

Long Term Unemployed A Protected Class?

The term protected class is another one of those handy euphemism hoisted upon us like pro choice. Examples of a protected class include minorities, union members and Democrat voters. Mr Hank "Guam is Sinking" Johnson is looking into a proposal coming out of the fevered swamps of far left progressives that the long term unemployed should be added to the list of entities on the protected class list.
Depending on what the EEOC does, Johnson's staff tells me he's considering introducing legislation that could add employment status as one of the protected classes under the Civil Rights Act.

Oh yeah there is the usual race card being played also, but what else do any of these African American Dems have in their toolbox. Unless they can gin up enough white guilt by equating everything from the material in disposable diapers to starving polar bears to some sort of civil rights violation they have nothing.
There's also a race issue here. According to Johnson, some companies' "unemployed need not apply" rules can have a particularly adverse affect on minorities.

With each passing day the Democrats are stripping all the incentives to be productive citizens away and replacing it with dependency on big government. Do I have sympathy for the unemployed? You bet I do. Been there, done that. The facts are however that today there is very little motivation for someone to get off their butt and do any serious job hunting. Granted most companies are afraid to hire nowadays because the cost of hiring somebody has gotten so restrictive and they have adapted to the new environment of managing to get business done with reduced staffing, arguably because demand isn't there to warrant higher level of staffings. In the uncertain business climate being created in Washington I don't fault the business owners as much as I do those that just can't get it through their thick skulls that if they would get out of the way this economy probably would have started turning around a long time ago. The more they stimulate, bailout, and create one fancy program after another the longer it will take to get things moving in a positive direction. While the arguments offered from the Dems about the current tax rates seem to boil down to wanting to soak the rich, the logical conclusion of this reasoning is that I guess everybody is supposed to get a job from a homeless guy living in the park. There is nothing stopping any of these people who want to send more money to Washington from writing a check and sending it to them. Instead of berating people who don't want to pay higher taxes whip out your checkbook and instead of sending the money to some liberal political action group send it to Congress. We'll both feel better and it has a certain ring of fairness to it.

Oh and Washington there would be no need to raise taxes if you would cut spending, and yes the kids are going to whine about having their allowance cut but guess what. We'll adapt and overcome just like we always do. If they would have done the Social Security changes a decade ago we would have removed that from their fear mongering tactics. I will never forgive AARP and the senior citizens, who would not have been affected by the legislation in the slightest way, for screwing it up for my generation. Just like the west coast liberals who want everybody to pay for their alcohol and drug rehab and sex change operations have now screwed up the medical system in this country.

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