Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Age of Civility Dawns: Westboro Goons Won't Protest Child's Funeral in AZ in Exchange for Radio Air Time

Frankly, I'm surprised the media hasn't lumped these despicable human beings in with the right this week as a new era of civility dawns in America. Probably some inconvenient truth. Anyway, these repulsive creatures have come along and tried to inject themselves into the Arizona story. But now that the new Age of Civility commences, they've decided to avoid getting beaten down in the streets of a child's funeral in Tucson in exchange for some radio air time. How magnanimous of them.
In exchange for getting some radio time to air their controversial views, the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., has abandoned plans to picket 9-year-old Tucson shooting victim Christina Tayler Green's funeral.

Shirley Phelps-Roper of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka first told the Topeka Capital-Journal that church members will skip Green's Thursday funeral in Tucson.

Phelps-Roper says the church has been given airtime with 102.1 The Edge in Toronto, Canada and an interview with KXXT-AM in Phoenix, Ariz. on Saturday morning.
Still, they drive a hard bargain. Protests are still planned.
Phelps-Roper says the group still will picket the Friday funeral of U.S. District Judge John Roll and at the intersection where Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and others were shot.
I hope the decent among the locals show up to air their own voices.


ConservativeBC said...

Mark Levin – I will Sue Anyone That Says I Had A Hand In The Tucson Murders

James Hlavac said...

And remember, that whom Westboro is targeting is really gay people. And we do have a target on us, and we're being fired at from so many sides it's astounding. From religious figures to politicians to pundits, gay Americans are targeted as anti-family (including I suppose our own) and anti-society (including I suppose the one we are part of,) and anti-civilization itself (which is hard for 5% of the population to really take on and expect to win, especially as we beg for acceptance and inclusion, I guess.) Which is quite a bunch of charges against us. When will so many Americans stop targeting gay folks? 

And isn't it rather amazing that no gay person acts out in violence against our many, oh so many, detractors? No, not really, for we turn the other cheek, as we always have, and go about trying to convince the vast hetero majority that we're just normal (if a bit different.) But, Westboro is merely the most vocal in their condemnation, while the others just use more polite terms to get across the same message: Eliminate Gay People. That is the program and plan of the Family Research Council and many churches and so many others too numerous to name. A sort of genocide, and it's considered part of the popular debate. It's the wonder we don't have more violence inflicted upon us. I guess we've done too good a job being reasonable for the hollow message to resonate. Still, time to cease the rest of the toxic and inflammatory nonsense against us.