Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Angry Flyer to Blabbermouth Huffington: 'Hey, Lady! Don't You Speak English?'

Short answer: No, she speaks Zsa Zsa.
Lefty newshound Arianna Huffington was a bit too liberal -- with her BlackBerry use -- aboard a commercial jet to La Guardia over the weekend, authorities say.

Huffington, 60 -- a noted author and columnist who runs the online Huffington Post -- was about to take off from Dulles Airport in Washington, DC, when she defied the United Airlines captain's command for passengers to turn off their electronic devices, prompting an angry man to get up from his seat in protest of her continued chatting and texting, sources told The Post.

The ensuing battle resulted in Huffington and the other flier, identified as Ellis Belodoff, 53, of Plainview, LI, being hauled off the plane for questioning once it landed. Both were released without being charged.

Law-enforcement sources said the face-off began at 10:10 p.m. as the flight was taking off and Belodoff "advised [Huffington] to turn BlackBerry off. [She] was slow in complying."

The man repeatedly ignored warnings to stay in his seat as he leaped up to complain, sources said.

"She wouldn't turn off her BlackBerry, even when we pushed back from the gate," one passenger told the Web site Valleywag.

"We took off, and it became apparent that the phone was still on, which very much upset her neighbor."

"Hey, lady! Don't you speak English?" the man allegedly heckled Huffington.

Huffington later admitted to cops, "I may have turned [my BlackBerry] on too early," sources said.
How can she be turning on her phone early when they were backing away from the gate?

Considering this was Saturday evening and the kook left was in the midst of their Sarah Palin-bashing orgasmic frenzy, she probably couldn't resist keeping up on the latest "developents" as they were.

If she's unable to comply with the desires of the captain, she needs to find another mode of transportation. Or, using the left's new logic, she's obviously a danger to other passengers and should be put on a no-fly list.


Jon1979 said...

Ban Arianna from commercial flights and make her travel via hot-air balloon. She's done it before, so she can do it again.

Aine said...

Clearly the gentleman did not recognize Her Specialness seated next to him. It's not his fault: don't Soros hacks usually use private jets?

John Rohan said...

I would have thought the founder of the Huffington Post was wealthy enough to have her own plane.