Thursday, January 13, 2011

As a Sign of the New Civility, Senator Suggests Democrats and Racist, Extremist Republicans Sit Together at State of the Union

Hey, it's a win-win for Democrats. We'll see 12 days of hype leading up to Great Healer Obama's next call for civility and decency, then when Democrats leap to their feet in applause every 30 seconds as if they were at a somber memorial, it would provide the optics of the entire Congress cheering him on. Consider this the Democrat mantra of the day. And if the GOP doesn't play along, well then they're just being uncivil.

Never let a tragedy go to waste. Naturally, the Boston Globe thinks it's a wonderful idea.


msspurlock said...

Childish minds, childish ideas.
And you're right, it's totally for the optics.
Democrats are sick and self-serving.

rich b said...

The best place for this phony idea and the democraps is to go sit in the official shithouses of Congress. That's where this idea (and progressives) belong.

After two full years of rubbing republican noses in their own shit and forcing the American people to go along with legislation that was shown by poll after poll to be UNWANTED, now the demorats want to be civil? Fuck you! It's On!