Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Aw: Assange Lawyer Fears He'll Be Shipped to Club Gitmo or Executed

Eh, not that it'll ever happen, but it would be amusing. Put him into a room with some of the most vile human beings on earth and what happens? Well, typically he gives interviews. But what would happen if he wound up in Club Gitmo? Unbridled fun, I presume.
Lawyers for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said today they fear he could face execution in the United States if he is extradited to Sweden.

The 39-year-old whistleblower is wanted by the Swedish authorities over claims that he sexually assaulted two women during a visit to Stockholm in August.

But his defence team believe there is a 'real risk' he could be extradited on to the U.S., where he could be detained in Guantanamo Bay or even face the death penalty.

The claim emerged in a skeleton argument released by Assange's lawyers in the wake of a preparatory legal hearing at Woolwich Crown Court.

Assange's legal team suggested that extraditing him to Sweden could breach Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), which bans torture.

They wrote: 'It is submitted that there is a real risk that, if extradited to Sweden, the U.S. will seek his extradition and/or illegal rendition to the USA, where there will be a risk of him being detained at Guantanamo Bay or elsewhere, in conditions which would breach Article 3 of the ECHR.

'Indeed, if Mr Assange were rendered to the USA without assurances that the death penalty would not be carried out, there is a real risk that he could be made subject to the death penalty.'
As we're constantly reminded by Assange's brethren on the left these days, actions have consequences.

Can't take the heat? Then maybe you shouldn't have entered the arena with the big boys.


realwest said...

So IF he's extradited to Sweden to stand against charges of Rape, then maybe Sweden will extradite him to the U.S. IF the U.S. asks Sweden to do that.
And IF he's extradited to the U.S., then maybe the U.S. would send him to Club Gitmo.
And IF he's sent to Club Gitmo, he may not enjoy his stay.
That about it?
Well IF my aunt had testicles, she'd be my uncle. 
First extradite him to Sweden and let him stand against the Rape chargers brought against him by two different women. IF the U.S. asks for extradition, then raise a fuss and a holler.  Y'all have gone a few leaps of logic too far.

the wolf said...

Methinks the man overstates his own importance.