Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bored and Approaching 60, Sting Embarks on Exciting New Career Path

I figured it would have been a fulltime devotion to being a tree-hugger or something. But who expected a soft-core porn career?

This guy brings the snark.
It could just be a sympathetic reaction but to me it looks like Sting is sucking in his gut. Anyway, the slightly-too-obvious-to-qualify-as-coy reference to the singer's masculine equipage still being up to its marital tasks is a bit of a dud, isn't it?
If you need more photos, here you go. First mention of "I'd still hit that" can't be far off.

Further deep thoughts from the happy couple here.


FelixAndAva said...

More like "Boring and a Has-Been Approaching 60, Sting Desperately Tries to Regain Fame"

rich b said...

I guess this is what happens to middle-age bass players when they run out of creative juices (bad pun?). Oh how I miss the greatness of the Syncronicity album and a few dozen other great Police songs. All we have left is a sad old progressive Brit. Just a bit too self-indulgent aren't you Sting? Sad.