Monday, January 03, 2011

By the Way, Did I Mention That the Falcons are in the Playoffs?

While the boss here had to suffer through another less then stellar season with his New York Giants, I have silently held my breath week after week waiting for the Atlanta Falcons to fall to earth. Well, so far they haven't, and they are actually playing like a real team. Sure, there have been a few bumps but overall they wound up with the best record in the NFC and so have earned a week off while the pretenders go and beat each other up.

Even now you may notice my enthusiasm is a little muted, but growing up as a fan of Atlanta sports teams means learning to take a pragmatic outlook. Our baseball team has been a perennial division champion for over a decade but never seems to get to the World Series. Our basketball team is famous for late season collapses. The Falcons never really have been taken seriously and hey, we do have a hockey team too, which has had a mixed bag of results.

So anyway, congrats to the Falcons and I really hope they pull it off this year. And boss, better luck next year (not really).

Oh, and how the hell do the Seattle Seahawks even deserve to be in the playoffs with a losing record? But I do hope they beat Nawlins. And all you sports talkers: can we please, pleeze, pleeease, quit talking abut Michael Vick? I am sick of it. Ever since we got rid of him and a few other malcontents the team is exhibiting a positive attitude instead of acting like thugs.

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