Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chris Matthews Asks: What Is the Cause-Effect Relationship Between Derangement and "Right-Wing Crazy Talk"?

Despite the fact that we now know quite a bit about Jared Loughner's twisted background, the nincompoops over at MSNBC continue to feign ignorance, holding out hope it would seem for some shred of evidence showing that the tea party, Sarah Palin "target" maps, and conservative talk radio made Loughner go on a murderous rampage, or something.

It is reprehensible beyond words. And yet, not surprising at all given what we know about the Left and their shamelessly dishonest cohorts in the media.

So here we have a spry and tingly Chris Matthews actually wondering out loud on national television whether deranged people like Loughner - or, you know, the people you might run into at church, in a train or bus station, or the local 7-11 - gravitate toward right-wing "crazy talk", or is it perhaps the right-wing crazy talk that turns people into psychotic murderers?


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"And I sometimes think that if you are disturbed, you look for companionship, like you look for places you can go, like people go to churches who are deranged. People go to train stations and bus stations, they find their way to them. You see them talking to nobody. You see them at convenience stores. There's certain places that people go to, to feel comfortable when they're alienated. And my question is, do they go to perhaps listening to right-wing crazy talk (or left-wing crazy talk in different circumstances), or is it that those things lead them to be crazy?"
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ConservativeBC said...

Here is some crazy left wing talk from Chris Matthews It is past Matthews arguing with present Matthews over Obama's birth certificate