Saturday, January 01, 2011

Christie Addresses the Idiots

One of the dumbest stories to come along in awhile is the lame whining about Governor Chris Christie being in Florida when the snowstorm hit the Northeast last weekend. Here he calmly explains things to the morons. He shouldn't even have to.
While New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg stayed home and took a media lashing for the slow response to December's devastating snowstorm, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie got some sun.

And he's not sorry. At all.

The Republican governor called the criticism of his family trip to Disney World during the week of a crippling blizzard "carping and craziness."

"I made a promise to my children that at the end of my first year of governor that I was going to take them to Disney World," Christie said at a press conference on Friday.

"My first and most important responsibility, in my view, is as a husband and a father, and I think I made that pretty clear to the people of New Jersey when I was running [for New Jersey governor]," he added.

When the storm hit Christie's Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno was in Mexico with her sick father, leaving Senate President Stephen Sweeney -- a Democrat -- in charge.
How dare Ms. Guadagno visit her ill father.

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