Thursday, January 13, 2011

'Follow the Example of President Obama. Now There a Real Leader'

After being accused of murder and mayhem, Sarah Palin defends herself and the media blames her for injecting politics and controversy into the Tucson shootings. Now she plans a Monday interview with Sean Hannity and the new Age of Civility rears its ugly head.
Sarah Palin is scheduled to sit for her first extended interview since the Tucson shooting rampage on Monday night, on the Fox News Channel.

An executive at Fox News Channel said that Ms. Palin would appear on the program of the conservative host Sean Hannity, and that the interview was scheduled to run through several commercial breaks.

The announcement came on Thursday, another day when Ms. Palin was figuring prominently in the discussion surrounding the Tucson shooting rampage, for her video statement about the shootings that she released Wednesday morning to stinging reviews from liberals and even some Republicans.

Ms. Palin is a paid Fox contributor, but she has been laying low on the network in the wake of the shooting. Her agreement to sit for an interview comes as even some Republicans have urged her to put herself out there for questions amid the criticism she is facing.
She's been laying low, as if she were some actual criminal on the lam. She's figured prominently in the discussion, of course, since the New York Times inexplicably decided to prominently inject her into the discussion. Funny how this works. A massive media empire decides to smear you, you defend yourself, and then you are injecting yourself into the story.

Yet now, in the new era of civility, we meet your typical NY Times commenter. I've noticed a nationwide trend since Saturday. Seemingly any new outlet even mentioning Palin is just overloaded with the most venomous comments. Hardly being civil.
If she is in no way responsible for the negative political climate leading up to and surrounding the shootings in Tucson, why do we need an interview with her on the subject?

Going on Fox is not doing an interview. What is Sarah afraid of? Hard questions? The only time this woman comes out from behind her facebook page or twitter is to go on Fox, or something prescripted like Oprah or Barbara Walters. Palin is a lightweight that will never make it in the political world. Everything has to be all Sarah all the time. She is such and egomaniacal suffering from narcissism to the nth degress. She will never make it. She isn't a uniter but a divider. Go home Sarah and stay their. The majority don't want you around.

I don't think that dissenters were blaming Palin for the shooting so much as they were saying, "This is the sad reality of your vulgar rhetoric."

The Tea Party leaders' relative silence in the days following the shooting, like Angle's post-hoc argument yesterday, and Palin's running for the Fox bunker, betrays their awareness that now is not the time for thuggish language (even if their motives are seemingly political rather than deferential).

For all the audiences Palin has access to, she should acknowledge this fact. Instead she runs to Fox to cower behind the First Amendment. This is why Palin will never be president.

To quote Keith Ohlberman..."that woman is an idiot".

Sarah Palin if you felt you had absolutely nothing to do with the vitriol political discourse then why take down the cross-hair on your site or lie and say they were survey marks. I know cross-hairs from survey marks and I am guaranteeing the American People do too in particularly your uninformed base. What you need to do is be a leader and own up to you culpability with regard to your part in the vitriol political discourse. If you cant do that then exit stage right. If you claim to love America you would shut up or at the very least present you views in a civil manner without the violent rhetoric or references. Words are powerful and they have consequences. That's just the fact of the matter. Follow the example of President Obama. Now there a real leader.

Well, after her silly statements of late and her outright insult to Jewish folks, she needs to do something to change her clumsy statements, but alas, this may just extend the problem for her. Besides, whoever thinks that Hannity will give her the opportunity to straighten up her silly statements. He will no doubt go to all lengths to avoid the discussion of her stupid remark just this last week. If this woman runs for the Presidency, I can now see a clip of side by side stupid, uninformed statements and charges on statements she has made. She even includes totally repulsive ideas in her defense of herself. Poor thing! But they are so legion that who can make choices.

My goodness, little Christina Green was buried today. And still this woman wants people to think only of her with word of this impending "interview." There is a disturbing pathology at work here. I'm not a psychologist, but I can say with certainty that this woman has not a scintilla of shame or decency. My fervent hope is that most thinking Americans have calculated that her 15 minutes of infamy have finally and emphatically expired.
Such civility! Just wondering: If the media didn't blood libel her, would these people feel the same way? Probably, since Palin Derangement Syndrome is obviously incurable, but how much has the angry rhetoric of the left contributed to the psychosis?

More civility over at Mediaite.
Sarah, you narcissistic wate of time, we’re bored with you. You have nothing to offer but a pretty face and a nice ass for Hannity to kiss. Good. Bye.

Yeah. Only 21 Palin threads on Mediaite this week and it’s Thursday already. She’s all played out, huh?

She is now. That bizarre video yesterday sunk her for good. In order to move beyond the far-right dumbass base that worships the trailer trash ground she walks on, she needs to reach moderate Dems and Independents. Trust me, mate, none of us will EVER forget that “blood libel, dueling pistols, poor poor pitiful me” drivel yeterday. Better sign that TLC contract,’ve got a lot of camping with Jane Gosselin in your future.


FrankG said...

every one of those pukes considers themselves the honorable and civil side of the argument. Their comments say more about their personal internal horror-shows than about her. I hope she stays in the news just to watch the left self-destruct in bitter hate.

GW said...

Instapundit diagnosed the thought process at work here:

Q:  So you believe Sarah Palin is responsible for this new air of hatred in our political environment, as well as the violence associated with it?

Leftie:  Yes.

Q:  Do you have any evidence?

Leftie:  Sure.  Whenever I think of Palin, I'm filled with hatred and want to do violence.

Will try to add an image here, but if it is too small, I have it on my site.

finebammer said...

what is truly reprehensible is the attacks from our side. the "moderate" republicans. the karl roves and krauthammers.

this woman helped wrest control of the house from the democrats. but before the dust settled all that was talked about was the few races where her candidate lost and not the vast majority won.

after their candidate (mccain) chose her, she vaulted him to his only lead in the polls. he promptly trashed that with his idiotic campaign suspension.

and they look down their noses at her.

Rose said...

Fruitc ake Dim and RINO Marxists would give anything on the planet to feel they have made PAlin run and hide frm them.

One reason Krauthammer and Bill O'Reilly and others are DEAD WRONG about how if anyone else defends Sarah, that SHE should not "LOWER HERSELF" to defend herself.

Saw others claim it wasn 't dignified to DEFEND Conservatism, Sarah, and Conservative Rhetoric "AT A TIME LIKE THIS".

The Dims and RINOS prove those folks all DEAD WRONG.

Fight for your survival when you are under attack - and they will alway pick occassions to attack when it isn't politicaly Correct or Socially Acceptable to DEFEND YOURSELF and those things you find Worth Fighting For.

I'll tell those pretending to be Christians, if you won't STAND for what is Right when the Pressure is on, Jesus doesn't want you AT ALL!

Check it out in the Bible - which too many of you are foregoing for the sake of listening to Marxists tell you what is supposedly "Christian" - but is in fact nothing but a SUICIDAL DOORMAT!

Git up off yer genuflecting Dhimmi FACE and stand on yer hind legs and Stand!

Don't let these stupid and bald-faced Marxist set up an American Kristallnacht  in our homeland, just by intimidating you, when we hold the large Majority in this land!

Rose said...

Found this info on another website, from a commenter there:

“In 1978, Krauthammer quit medical practice to direct planning in psychiatric research for the Jimmy Carter administration, and began
contributing to The New Republic magazine. During the presidential campaign of 1980, Krauthammer served as a speech writer to Vice President Walter Mondale.”

rich b said...

Anyone capable of even the smallest shred of critical thinking can see through the complete shit and garbage now being dished out by the frauds and trash on the left and their toadies in the Lame Stream Media. Everytime I read another one of these left-wing progressive hit pieces blaming Tea Partiers and Conservatives I feel the need to get a shot of Pennicilin and take the cure. Intelligent Americans know what's going on here and aren't being fooled in the least.

My only hope is the rotten karma surrounding the libs don't jump up and bite some innocent person in the ass while allowing the REAL perpatrators of hate(Matthews, Olberdouche, Franken among others) to continue to skip along scott-free to do the unchallenged damage they are doing to their country.