Friday, January 07, 2011

Groundbreaking Research: Men are Turned Off by Weepy Women

Who on earth sits around and says to themselves "You know, I think we need to bottle some tears from weeping women and have men sniff them?" People with a lot of time on their hands a boatload of research grant money, that's who.
Women's tears contain a chemical signal that lowers testosterone levels and dampens sexual desire in men, according to a team of scientists in Israel.

They studied the effect on men of sniffing fresh tears, which the researchers collected in vials as they rolled down the faces of women watching weepy movies.

The surprise discovery may help scientists solve the mystery of why humans shed tears when they're distressed or sad.

The researchers measured a small but persistent fall in men's sexual feelings when they sniffed women's tears, but the chemical or chemicals responsible may work primarily by suppressing aggression, which then has the effect of reducing sexual arousal.

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