Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Leftwing Climate of Hate: 'Kill THE CATHLICS!'

How do we know a leftwinger spray-painted this message of hate? Well, for one, they spelled Catholics wrong. That's usually a sign of a product of our public schools. That and the left has such anger and antipathy toward the Catholic Church since, well, forever.

Besides, using today's journalistic standards now officially in effect since Saturday afternoon, I say "Evidence? I don't need no stinking evidence!"
A hateful message was found spray painted on the wall of a church in Anaheim and now police are reviewing surveillance video in an effort to find out who did it.

Parishioners at Saint Boniface Catholic Church discovered the message Tuesday as they arrived to attend morning mass.

The message was spray painted in black and said, "Kill THE CATHLICS!"
Obviously we eagerly await the media and Democrats to condemn this incendiary spraypaint of hate and to call for a toning down of the incendiary rhetoric they've been chiefly responsible for.

H/T Joe the Mailman.

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