Sunday, January 02, 2011

Massive Surge in 'Hate Crimes' Against Muslims in NY

Oh wait, there wasn't any surge. In fact, there were hardly any so-called hate crimes against Muslims reported in 2009. CAIR hardest hit.
Did you hear about the surge in hate crimes in New York? Bias against Muslims is the driving force, proving what a horribly victimized minority they are.

Just kidding.

Hate crimes are up 14 percent across the state, but those against Muslims are a tiny fraction. Of the 683 reported to police in 2009, only 11 targeted Muslims. Yes, 11. In 2008, there were eight.

Compare that with the 251 against Jews, or 37 percent of the total. Anti-black crimes were down slightly, to 144, or 21 percent of the total.

The biggest rise was in crimes against gays, from 70 to 107.

Remember those numbers the next time someone, maybe someone in City Hall or the White House, warns against a rising tide of Islamophobia. Use the facts to shut them up.
So we had 251 crimes against Jews and 11 against Muslims. Yet who gets all the attention whenever there's an incident? It's probably safe to say of those 11 that some of them were of the made-up variety, if history is any indication.

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