Thursday, January 06, 2011

More Dissension Among Georgia Democrats

During yesterday's voting for the Speaker of the House, it was once again the Democrats from Georgia that delivered a message to the national Democrats that everything isn't so rosy in the Peach State for their brand. Following on the defection earlier this year of several prominent Democrats to the Republican party in Georgia, a couple of the representatives refused to go along with the party line and vote for Pelosi to be their leader.

Two representatives John Barrow from Savannah and Sanford Bishop from Albany gave a very public message that the more progressive wing of their party is not welcome. Barrow voted for fellow Georgian John Lewis. This is really a coward's vote. By voting for an African American, who if you took the phrase "civil rights activist" out of any article pertaining to him, has no other item of note in his biography, he is able to avoid the racist label. Mr Bishop merely voted 'Present'.

In all 19 Democrats refused to vote Queen Nancy with the majority of them voting for Heath Schuler and then the little sophomoric display of two Dems voting for each other. Reminds me of something you expect out of a couple giggling high school girls voting for the king and queen of the prom, but then this is Dems we are talking about.

One last note on this, in the article I got this information from I found this curious caption on a picture.
Georgia Democratic Reps. John Barrow (left) of Savannah and Sanford Bishop of Albany both bucked the trend Wednesday during overwhelming votes for Nancy Pelosi as House minority leader.

There was only one name on the ballot you numbnuts. All of the other votes amount to write in votes and if the self proclaimed greatest leader of the house couldn't even get all of the votes of her now decimated party, then it certainly bodes well for the Republicans.

I expect the House to pass quite a bit of legislation just to see it die in the Harry Reid led Senate. I wonder if we will then see daily headlines about obstruction of the majority party? Remember Dems still hold the majority in the Senate. Without the narrative of Republican filibusters, and there were zero filibusters by the way, merely a Senator voicing displeasure at a piece of legislation was enough to turn the spineless Dem senators and the bed wetting liberal media into a quivering mass of jello. Democrats are like the little kid who picks a fight and then when the other kid comes looking for him goes hides behind mommies skirt. Mommies skirt in this case being the media.

Anyway the Dems have big problems internally but of course we won't hear about most of it, and the first freshman Republican congressman who sneezes in the hallway will be accused of starting the next Bird Flu epidemic.

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