Friday, January 14, 2011

Pathetic: Global Warm-ongers Issue Dire Warning for Year 3000

I guess they've given up on all the idiotic forecasts for 10 or 20 years down the road since they've been proven wrong every time. Now they set a new standard: Making predictions for how things will look 989 years in the future. Hey, at least they can't be debunked now by us evil deniers.
Even if humans stop producing excess carbon dioxide in 2100, the lingering effects of global warming could span the next millennia. The results? By the year 3000, global warming would be more than a hot topic - the West Antarctic ice sheet could collapse, and global sea levels would rise by about 13 feet (4 meters), according to a new study.
Hasn't Algore been spewing this same nonsense? Notice how they always couch as it could happen. So when they're wrong (and they always are) they can just saw they were warning us, just in case.
Using a computer model, researchers looked at two scenarios - an end to humans' industrial carbon dioxide emissions by 2010 and by 2100 - stretched out to the year 3000.

Even if humans were to stop emitting excess carbon dioxide - or if they figured out a way to completely capture it - the effects of global warming would continue to accumulate. That's because previously emitted carbon dioxide lingers in the atmosphere and the oceans, unlike land, warm only gradually, according to one of the study researchers, Shawn Marshall, an associate professor of geography at the University of Calgary.
So once 3000 rolls around and humans face only another few billion years on the planet, then they can't really start to worry or something.


rich b said...

I can see it now - tax schedules and tables are being drawn up as we speak so the dems can proactively punish (tax) us NOW up ten generations down the road. Kind of like reparations in reverse. Don't you just love the left and their zany ideas for revenue enhancement, er, I meant thievery. Fuck em!

Mats said...