Friday, January 14, 2011

San Francisco Leads the Way in New Era of Civility

Feel the tolerance.
We feel for Sarah Palin. We do. The Arizona shooting rampage was neither her fault nor the fault of Tea Party members. It just wasn't. (Championing a party that, at its core, centers around a collective dislike of President's Barack Obama's melanin levels? Sure, that's her fault. But certainly not what happened to Rep. Gabrielle Gifford, Gabriel Zimmerman and several others last week.) To attack Palin here is unfair. That would be like unjustly blaming Muslims for the actions of a few extremists, a thick slice of irony lost on the former GOP vice presidential candidate and her self-centered tirade against irresponsible journalists.
In case you didn't get it, you're racist if you oppose Obama. Nice.

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rich b said...

I think most intelligent people knew that Omama would wear the color of his skin like a suit of armor when he was running for office. My greatest fear was the press (fucking joke of a term considering) would NOT criticize him for fear of labeled racist.

Hmmmmm.... now why I ever would come to such a silly conclusion? Post Racial my ASS! Omama plays his (half) blackness better than RevRearend Al Sharpton plays the race card.