Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Video: Hillary Clinton Falls Down on the Job

I suspect if this were Sarah Palin (or any Republican, for that matter) the left would be howling with laughter.
As one of the most powerful women on the planet, Hillary Clinton travels thousands of miles on planes to meet world leaders.

But the U.S Secretary of State's latest trip was a rather unidignified one - losing her footing as she boarded a plane in Yemen.

She slipped to her knees at the doorway and was only saved from further embarrassment when an aide gave her a helping hand.

Clinton didn't suffer any injuries - apart from a bruised ego - but someone was on hand to quickly turn the lights off before a photographer could take any pictures.

However, it was too late. Her fall from grace had already been captured on film.


CenTexTim said...

I'm sure her fall was precipitated by the incindiary rhetoric on talk radio and conservative blogs.

Jon1979 said...

Using the old Gerald Ford-Chevy Chase logic, this proves Hillary Clinton is an idiot.

dnlchisholm said...

Sometimes it's hard to remember we're all on the same team.  That's why was so refreshing and timely.  Before the race for 2012 officially starts, we should get as many people to read that wonderful piece as we can.  Then, in 2012 we can bring America back!

finebammer said...

come on guys. you all know she was ducking sniper fire and just trying to be modest about it!

Dell said...

...and as we ALL know:  Blame Sarah Palin.

Of course, if it had been Palin, the accusations of "drunken eskimo" would be 48 pt headlines!