Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Bagels and Bullets: Thanks, Bloomie!

Well, this is sure to get Mike Bloomberg's knickers all in a knot.
For five years Smyrna gun shop owner Jay Wallace has been the target of a lawsuit by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

But that isn't stopping Wallace from opening a $5 million, 70,000-square-foot sporting goods store on South Cobb Drive in August complete with a 17-lane shooting range with computer operated targets, a cafe and a mezzanine that will seat more than 600 for NRA events, and the like.
Bloomberg is taking his road show of illegal gun purchasing agents to Arizona in an effort to do to them what he did to several gun shops in the south. My question always has been, and continues to be, what the hell business is it of the Mayor of a New York City? Just because he has gazillions dollars of his own money, New York City resident tax dollars, and the power of a city government behind him, he is allowed to go on his crusade. I wonder how the citizens of NYC feel about having their tax dollars spent this way?

Anyway, the owner of the store does understand irony as well and likes tweaking the nose of that blue nosed Yankee.
In fact, of the cafe, he said: "We're thinking about calling it the Bloomberg Cafe.

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