Tuesday, February 08, 2011

CNN Ignores The Black Guy...Again

Herman Cain is the only person who has taken the step of forming a Presidential Exploratory Committee and yet CNN leaves him out of their montage of potential GOP candidates. Why? Is their reporting just that shoddy, or do they not want to show a conservative black man?

Herman had me at his support of the Fair Tax, but once again the so called experts in the national media are going about picking and choosing who they want as candidates. By ignoring Mr Cain they gloming onto the more famous pop culture figures, probably because they feel they make better copy and therefore translate into better mileage for the organizations they work for which of course in the end leads to what they hope are increased revenues.

So while they play the woulda, coulda, shoulda game there is only one candidate on the GOP who has announced his serious intentions and is not merely batting his or her eyes at the press and giving them a flirty come hither stare.

One more observation on the collection of photos CNN has. There is not a smile to be seen, except for maybe on the face of the Huckster. All they had was pictures of the people frowning, sneering, or angry looking? Yet another way media can be used to manipulate your views and opinions.


uncledan said...

Your Herman Cain.
You see CNN has left you out.
What do you care?
You know their game in doing this. And you also know they have no viewers. At least no viewers who would vote for you. So you shrug it off and spend your time constructively in areas where you can get votes.

uncledan said...

Whoops - a bunch of typos there. Sorry, I'm never partying with Charlie Sheen while I post a comment again!

clyde said...

Apparrently you are not really black unless certain liberal groups say you are so Cain should put them on the spot by demanding their formal recognition or denial of his ethnicity.

Brigadoon said...

No halos CNN?

Also, I *heart* Herman Cain. He is the frontrunner.

Rose said...

I know he is growing in popularity in some circles - I will NOT vote for him:

1)Cain was once a Kansas City Federal Reserve Board Chairman, is still a member.
It seems apparent that he once argued that the Fed Reserve does not need an audit.
2)He worked on the Dole campaign for President.
3)Cain sought the Republican nomination, facing Congressmen Johnny Isakson and Mac Collins in the primary. ... Collins tried to paint Cain as a moderate, citing Cain's support for affirmative action programs, while Cain argued that he was a true conservative, noting that he opposed the legality of abortion even in cases of rape and incest.
4)Cain supports economic stimulus, saying: "We could grow this economy faster if we had bolder, more direct stimulus policies."

No.  Period.