Friday, February 11, 2011

Bloomberg: Hey, Sorry for Insulting Those Drunken Irish

Is there anyone left this boob hasn't insulted? Oh yes, there is. He would never say a disparaging word about his radical Islamist pals who plan on building a mega-mosque at Ground Zero. And don't you dare say a bad word about them or he'll be quick to insult you. Apparently, though, trashing a good chunk of his constituency with a century old stereotype is fine.
One thing's for sure about Mayor Bloomberg's next career: It won't be in comedy.

The mayor's stand-up act fell flat Wednesday night when he told a crowd at the American Irish Historical Society that he's used to seeing drunks hanging out the windows of its Fifth Avenue headquarters, around the corner from his town house on East 79th Street, the Irish Central Web site reported.

"I live in the neighborhood, right around the corner," the mayor said. "Normally, when I walk by this building, there are a bunch of people that are totally inebriated hanging out the window. I know that's a stereotype about the Irish, but nevertheless, we Jews around the corner think this."

The remarks were met with a combination of laughs, boos and groans.

"He was trying to be funny," one official in the audience later told The Post. "It wasn't funny. Some people took it as a personal or ethnic [slur]."

This isn't the first time the mayor's inappropriate choice of words has raised eyebrows.

Last year, during a trip to Hong Kong, he asserted that incoming members of Congress "can't read," to make the point that they're unprepared on international issues.
I wonder how he feels about any new Congressmen who are Irish?

For his next gig, maybe Bloomberg can crack some black and Puerto Rican jokes. Those would should go over well.


roux said...

The Irish can take a joke, even if it's a bad one.

Toejam said...

Why should the Mayor apologize for stating an obvious truth?