Friday, February 11, 2011

Coming Out of the Shadows to Murder Children

Liberals are all about the children. They have appointed themselves as the guardians and all-knowing super beings when it comes to all things related to children from the food they eat to the education they get. Whether they are taking Happy Meals out of their mouths or preventing them having to endure the trauma of seeing little green toy soldiers in aisles of a department store, they are always there to let you know they know so much better then you and are really just looking out for the kids. Strange group to be offering such advice since they also support the ending of lives before they begin.

Well, which liberal group is going to speak for these children who no longer have a voice?
"They were lying in blood. The two of them, they were probably two feet apart. His back was turned and I said, 'the one on the left, he's still alive'. His right arm moved and he moaned," said neighbor Lawon Thomas.

Police say Garcia was the person who made the 911 call.

Investigators say the bodies of two children, Edward Garcia, 1, and Bradley Garcia , 3, were discovered in the basement of the home. Police say both children were stabbed.

Another 3-year-old child was also stabbed and in critical condition when the child was transported to Gwinnett County Fairgrounds and then life-flighted to a children's hospital in Atlanta.
You see, the perpetrator in this case just might be in this country illegally. The police may have known this. But you know we don't want to go around forcing people to live in the shadows, so instead toddlers can die pools of their own blood in the basement of their house.

The police were informed a while back that the suspect in this case had made threats to the family, also Hispanic, but in the country legally. The system--I hate that phrase since the system is made up of people, people who make conscious decisions--failed them. The message that keeps coming through is loud and clear: if you live in this country legally, either as a citizen or legal resident, your rights and protections are secondary to ruffling somebody over their resident status.

And now a family will be burying a one-year-old and a three-year-old while the surviving three-year-old twin fights for his life in a hospital, and the man who has taken the responsibility of raising them recovers.

There is a reason for signing the guest book; just ask anybody who remembers the Mariel boat-lift from Cuba. You see, I got first-hand experience with that since I guarded some of those that Castro dumped on Jimmy Carter, and trust me, they weren't all upstanding citizens.

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rich b said...

If I hear the term "live in the shadows" one more time I'm gonna spit up. I live in Los Angeles and the illegals here no "more live in the shadows" than I fly jets. Illegals are out in the open in every major American city and are flaunting the immigration laws of the U.S. They have been doing so for years. There aren't any shadows with these people.

And if the libs and progressives in this country care so much about "the children" then how the hell does one explain the abortion rate and the pro-choice movement they love so much?