Monday, February 14, 2011

Hopeydopes Want Obama to Be Their Valentine

This crew looks like they're prime candidates for Mrs. Obama's Let's Move campaign. Apparently they don't have jobs so they have the free time on their hands to show up at a Maryland school where their Dear Leader was speaking today.

Not everyone was there to slobber over Obama.

As Obama arrived at Parkville Middle School just after 10 a.m., a diverse crowd of onlookers included a 10-year-old girl filled with awe and a 53-year-old unemployed woman filled with ire.

Shanyah James, 10, stood outside the school with her father, Rodney James, holding a copy of the book Yes We Can. "He's the first African-American president," said Shanyah James, who is also African-American. "This is like a historical moment for me."

Not so for Bernadette Zgorski. "I'm here because I'm unemployed," said Zgorski, 53, of Churchville. "It's unbelievable. It's his policies that I object to."

While most of the people outside of Parkville Middle School carried signs of support, Zgorski carried a handwritten poster that read: "We want jobs. Not Obamacare."
Here's some video. I don't spot his trusty Teleprompter and he frequently looks at prepared text. Maybe he's learned to avoid that crutch when speaking in classrooms.


rich b said...

This sort of reminds one of the blind admiration the German people had for Adolph Hitler. We all remember where that lead them.

FrankG said...

Maybe he's learned to avoid that crutch when speaking in classrooms.

I'll believe that when he takes impromptu questions, even from fifth-graders