Monday, February 14, 2011

Trapped Chilean Miners Were Refused Blow-Up Dolls

Hey, it can get really lonely trapped down there for a couple of months. On the upside, they were at least given some marijuana to smoke.
After more than two months underground, the men became so desperate for sex that they requested blow-up dolls be sent down to them, claimed New York Times writer Jonathan Franklin, author of the book 33 Men.

However, the authorities denied this request, reportedly allowing families to send down porn, cigarettes, pills and dope instead, through the pipes used to ship supplies to the men.

Miner Samuel Avalos said in the book that he grew suspicious of the actions of his colleagues while they were underground.

'They were peeling away from the group in small cliques, wandering towards the bathroom, to smoke a joint. They never even offered me a toke,' he said.

'When you saw five of them headed up to the bathroom, you knew what they were doing.'
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The doctor who assessed the men’s health needs from the surface, Jean Romagnoli, explained: “A guy offered them inflatable dolls but he only had 10. I said ‘33 or none’. Otherwise they would be fighting over them.”

Franklin added: “The men’s greatest need would not fit down the tube: women. With physical health improving rapidly, sex became a topic of conversation for the miners and the rescue team.” Instead of blow-up dolls, they received pornography and posters.


FrankG said...

"how about some damn Nivea? For my dry, of course"

John said...

They could have just formed a circle and ...
Much less messy - or so I've heard.  =-O