Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Surprise! Dana Milbank's Own Newspaper Crosses the Palin Picket Line

A couple of weeks ago Washington Post clown Dana Milbank, in a desperate bid for attention, pleaded with his fellow moonbats to cool it with their Sarah Palin obsession and to avoid reporting on her for the month of February.

Well, that lasted less than nine hours. At his own newspaper. Milbank really has some clout, huh?

Needless to say, the bulk of the comments are the typical, rehashed anti-Palin screeds.

Imagine my surprise.

Meanwhile, MSNBC today offers you the Sarah Palin Guide to Style. Apparently they're trying to be funny.
She's no Michelle Obama when it comes to style, but that doesn't mean former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has nothing to offer in terms of fashion. On the contrary, Palin has mastered the art of looking effortlessly chic. Grab your sexy librarian glasses and chunky heels -- it's time to learn how to dress like the Mama Grizzly.


LYNNDH said...

As opposed to BAM?

the wolf said...

Not my area of expertise, but what is with this notion that the first lady is some kind of style maven?  I'm sure she has someone, like most celebrities (and that's what she is, really) a host of people who advise her on what to wear in various situations.  Why is this reported as an important accomplishment?

srdem65 said...

Apparently "mama grizzly" attire is professional, elegant and always appropriate to the occasion.  Never slutty, too tight, too short or ill-fitting like the MichelleObama "style".  
C'mon MSM, shock us all by making an honest appraisal of MO.

Shane said...

Why does this have a very creepy feeling to it???

J Leverett said...

apparently wapo handles the no-palin rule the same way 111th congress handled that pesky paygo rule. they instituted on day 1. and broke on day 2 thru 730.

Rick Patel said...

Milbank is soooo irelevant. He can't get a click for his dorky posts unless he puts Sarah Palin's name in the caption. As for the MSNBC slideshow, there were some pretty photos of the Glamorous Governor, and comments accepted. Can't really compalin about that.

Kini said...

He Dana's wearing a Jimmy Hat, what style!