Thursday, August 18, 2011

Biden Throws Taiwan, Tibet Under the Bus

Let's face it, he knows who his real boss is.
Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden has said that his country is committed to building a close, permanent and friendly relationship with China. Biden expressed these view during talks with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping here Thursday morning, official media said. During the talks, Biden exchanged views with Vice President Xi on furthering bilateral ties. He said that since strategic trust is crucial to the lasting and steady development of U.S.-China relations, both countries should increase their contact in order to enhance mutual understanding and avoid strategic miscalculations. Biden said that cooperation between the two nations plays a vital role in stabilizing the world economy, adding that the United States welcomes China’s sustained economic growth and is ready to make joint efforts with China to ensure the steady growth of the global economy.

Biden stated that the United States fully recognizes that issues related to Taiwan and Tibet are part of China’s core interests.

He said the U.S. will firmly adhere to the one-China policy and will not support “Taiwan independence.” He said the U.S. fully acknowledges that Tibet is an inalienable part of the People’s Republic of China.

Biden also pledged to boost cooperation with China to properly handle regional issues and global problems in order to promote world peace and stability.
Can't wait for the "clarification" on this one.


sykes.1 said...

When Dean Acheson did this, we got the Korean War.

hlamlin said...

The Chinese didn't even need to undock their brand spanking new Aircraft Carrier to make Obama/Biden quiver in their shoes.

laZrtx said...

Barry meets with Dali Lama and JOe does China. At least their priorities are straight. Smartest Admin EVA.

Giovanni Piazza said...

It is sad when someone starts to believe evrything  that the official chinese press agency Xinhua reports only for political reasons. Would have people believed so much in what the russian Pravda was reporting during the cold war?