Thursday, August 04, 2011

Dem Running For Weiner Seat Runs From Obama

Let's face it: If you were a Democrat running for office right here, right now, would you want to be seen anywhere near the disaster zone known as the Obama administration?
The Democratic candidate seeking to fill the congressional seat vacated by randy ex-Rep Anthony Weiner distanced himself from President Obama today — by refusing to say whether he backed the president’s re-election.

“I’m running myself right now. On Sept. 14, I’ll be happy to address the president’s election,” State Assemblyman David Weprin said following a press conference at Queens Borough Hall, where he was endorsed by a bevy of female elected leaders.

The special election to replace Weiner — who resigned in disgrace following a sexting scandal — will be held on Sept. 13.

“Don’t read anything into it,” Weprin insisted of his refusal to give fellow Democrat Obama a thumbs up.

Bob Turner, who challenged Weiner last year, is the Republican candidate.

Weprin is the favorite to win the race in the heavily Democratic Queens-Brooklyn district. But Obama’s popularity has plummeted and some moderate and conservative Jews — who make up a considerable portion of the electorate — are concerned Obama’s push to get Israel to use its 1967 borders as a starting point for negotiations over a Palestinian State.
Turner actually got 42% against Weiner in 2010 and could well fare better this time around.

Especially if he points out what a mess the Obama economy is, not to mention the fact people are watching the stock market going into the tank while Obama parties it up. In fact, Turner could well pull off an upset if he runs against Obama instead of this mealy-mouthed Weprin.


Kurt said...

Here in Nevada, Kate Marshall, the Democrat running in the special election for the open seat in CD-2 is trying to paint herself as a fiscal conservative and her Republican opponent, Mark Amodei, as a big-spending supporter of tax increases.  Now Amodei is probably more of a big spender than many conservatives would like, but Marshall is delusional if she can think people will look past the "D" by her name and give her a pass.  Yeah, what this historically conservative district really needs is someone who will vote with Nancy Pelosi.  Naturally, of course, Marshall doesn't identify herself as a Democrat in her ads, and only her opponent is showing pictures of her with Obama.

southernsue said...

don't believe this. all dems walk in lock-step fashion.

they will vote and support satan and his arch angel, if they were democrats and worse, they would vote for every piece of policy that these evil people would put forth.

ny is a very very liberal state. why would he run from obama, they love him and democrats there. just visit this state, it is in awful shape along with the rest of the blue states. their citizens don't care what their state looks like, all they care about are the handouts.