Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Illegal Alien Supporters Protest Obama?

I think the illegal aliens and their supporters need to get some better talking points. I have seen stories on this day of protests all day and in each of them I have found something to make you go ummm in the arguments they are making to argue against America's immigration policies.

First was one out of Los Angeles with this little snippet. In Los Angeles they were decrying a program called Secure Communities. It is a program which allows immigration authorities access to fingerprint records. Now I know what you are saying, you mean they weren't already 10 years after 9/11? Well no, not until the last couple of years.
An ongoing source of debate is who is getting identified through this fingerprint sharing. Since 2008, about 121,000 immigrants have been deported after being flagged under Secure Communities, ICE statistics show.

About 6 percent had no prior record with immigration officials or law enforcement; roughly 28 percent had no criminal history, the statistics show.

If I am interpreting that little piece of information correctly that would mean 72% DO have a criminal history.

In Atlanta about a dozen showed up, which was a good indication that Georgia's recently enacted immigration laws were having the desired effect.
They are upset that his administration has deported more than one-million illegal immigrants since he took office in 2009, which they called a record.

He may very well wind up regretting the loss of all those votes.

And finally a spokesman for President Downgrade released a statement to the press, which of course blamed the Republicans.
"The President remains committed to fixing our broken immigration system," it said, going on to attack GOP Presidential candidates and Republicans in Congress for being opposed to "a comprehensive solution".

The Obama campaign statement said, "criminal deportations have increased over 70% while non-criminal deportations have significantly decreased as a result."

Notice however how they make that distinction between criminal and non-criminal deportations. What part of illegal immigrant don't they understand?

So either they are finding far more illegals have criminal backgrounds, reinforcing what had always been for the most part anecdotal evidence or states like Arizona and Georgia have somehow forced the feds to enforce their laws.

It is also pretty apparent that TOTUS' campaign folks have decided they have gotten all the mileage they can out of blaming Bush and now are simply targeting the larger Republican party as a whole.

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RamblingMother said...

deporting a  million?  I am not sure what is actually broken about the system except not deporting them fast enough.  Come over legally and there is no problem, sneaking in already declares a breaking of the laws there fore 100% of the "illegals" have now criminal records and that is of coming here illegally.  What part of illegal do they not understand?