Monday, August 01, 2011

Kerry: Why Aren't There More 'Investments' in Debt Deal?

Leave it to a guy who skips out on his luxury yacht taxes to call for more so-called "investment" in the debt deal just worked out. But hey, at least he served in Vietnam for 14 weeks.
So what did Kerry want in the compromise? He wanted a “balanced approach” that included more “investments.” By now we all know investment is code for higher taxes. Not to worry, he only wants to tax rich people making more than $250,000 per year. Caution to readers: never trust a Massachusetts Democrat who has a 6 percent rating with the National Taxpayers Union.

If we don’t invest, Kerry said our nation would be “eating America’s seed corn.” Forget the corn, let’s talk about eating peas. He was the senator who tried to avoid paying taxes on his luxury yacht by hiding it in Rhode Island. I don’t subscribe to the theory that “Newport” was painted on the stern of his boat accidentally. Obviously leading by example escapes him.

What did Kerry propose doing with higher taxes? Pay off the debt? Reduce the deficit? No, he wanted to spend on infrastructure. Obviously, he missed the whole point of the debt ceiling debate. According to Kerry, for every billion expended in tax dollars on infrastructure, we create 18,000 new jobs. Really? He needs better ship-to-shore communication. Our nation just spent $787 billion on the president’s stimulus plan to stop unemployment from reaching 8 percent. It didn’t work. Using the senator’s formula, we should have created 14 million jobs costing $56,000 per job. Instead, Obama’s not-so-shovel-ready projects ended up costing us $278,000 per job. Can we have our money back? No, because we charged it to China Express.

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Mike said...

I love the "Served inn Vietnam for 14 weeks" comment