Saturday, August 13, 2011

Life With Soros: 'I Was in Bed With Him. It Was Horrifying for Me'

Just one look at photos of George Soros are enough to horrify anyone. Just imagine spending a few years with this creep.
Happy Birthday, Georgie!

As baggy-eyed billionaire George Soros celebrated his 81st birthday yesterday, his 28-year-old bombshell Brazilian ex-lover revealed in an exclusive interview with The Post all the seamy details of the pair's oddball, five-year relationship -- from their romantic first dates to their pillow talks, to how she discovered he was cheating with his traveling nurse.

"For five years, he was my boyfriend. He was respectful and loveable. Then, suddenly, he changed and became cruel. I don't know why he would do this to me," wept spurned Latin lovely Adrianna Ferreyr.

Ferreyr -- who is suing Soros for $50 million in Manhattan court -- said that before their relationship went south, she and the mogul were as normal as any other couple, despite their 53-year age gap.

"He treated me with a lot of respect," she said.

"When we first started dating, I would see him every weekend at his house in Bedford. He was very nice, very sweet, very loveable . . . We traveled and went to St. Bart's.

"As far as I was concerned, this was a proper, loving, committed relationship. He introduced me to people as his girlfriend after a year. We attended events. I met his friends. I met his business associates."
Then she realized he was far more generous with his flying monkeys from Media Matters than he was with her.
Still, despite his estimated $14.5 billion worth, he's a real cheapskate, she conceded.

"During the first three years of our relationship, he gave me nothing, not even a birthday present. Nothing," she said.

"After the three years, he gave me some expense money, but that was it. He never paid my rent or gave me an allowance."
He pours millions into Democrat coffers and every far-left cause under the sun, but when it come to the women, forget it.

Then after she found a place to live, things got ugly.
She found the perfect place -- a $1.9 million condo at 30 E. 85th St. -- and Soros agreed to pony up for it, she said.

"I did a lot of research on it. I made sure it was a good investment," Ferreyr told The Post. "I explained to him what good a deal it was, why I loved it, why it would be a great place to live. It was two blocks from his apartment.

"He told me, 'I am going to buy it. I am going to do this for you,' " she said.

Then, the curvy cutie said, the day after they signed for the pad in December, he blindsided her.

"We were in bed, and he just replied coldly and bluntly that he had given [the apartment] to his other girlfriend," Ferreyr recalled. "I got emotional and cried . . . He just said, 'I don't care.'
What a guy. The left must be so proud of their sugar daddy.
"I was in bed with him. It was horrifying for me."

Even then, Ferreyr said, the worst was yet to come. As she tried to reason with him, he physically attacked her, slapping her, choking her and tossing a lamp at her, she said.

"He just snapped. I had never seen him like that before. I was afraid," she said.
So when are all his supporters going to denounce him for his violence against women?


fiatlux said...

Georgie, porgy, puddin and pie,
beat his girlfriend and made her cry......

Where are the Duke professors when you need them? said...

Sorry, no sympathy for the ho that was too stupid to get paid.

rich b said...

Frome the article: "Life With Soros: 'I Was in Bed With Him. It Was Horrifying for Me"

Well Hot Damn! He's an eighty-one year old man - WTF did you think things were gonna be like? BTW, I'm only fifty-seven if you wanna give me a try you dumb bimbo.

EricTheRed said...

Here's me reading that quote:

'I Was in Bed With Him.'
Is this Obama?

'It Was Horrifying for Me'
Oh, probably not.
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GWHH said...

Become cruel and cold 5 years ago.  Hum, what hapepned 5 years ago to cause this change in old george.  George Bush got relected!!