Thursday, August 04, 2011

New Study: Healthy Eating is Privilege of the Rich

You know where this one is going, right?
A healthy diet is expensive and could make it difficult for Americans to meet new U.S. nutritional guidelines, according to a study published Thursday that says the government should do more to help consumers eat healthier.
We're broke and headed toward financial ruin, yet now the government must do more to have people eat right. Sure, that should work. As if the lazy slobs already on the government dole are going to eat right just because Big Daddy Government foots the bill.
Inexpensive ways to add these nutrients to a person’s diet include potatoes and beans for potassium and dietary fiber. But the study found introducing more potassium in a diet is likely to add $380 per year to the average consumer’s food costs, said lead researcher Pablo Monsivais, an assistant professor in the Department of Epidemiology and the School of Public Health at the University of Washington.
Eating right will soon be mandated and you'll be forced to pick up the tab.
"We know more than ever about the science of nutrition, and yet we have not yet been able to move the needle on healthful eating," he said. The government should provide help for meeting the nutritional guidelines in an affordable way.
Just like the push for "affordable housing," you can be sure this won't be coming in on budget.
"Almost 15 percent of households in America say they don’t have enough money to eat the way they want to eat," Seligman said. Recent estimates show 49 million Americans make food decisions based on cost, she added.
Why don't we just provide government-funded personal shoppers? We can afford it if everyone chips in and pays their fair share, right?


rich b said...

You can smell this one coming - The Dept of Nutrition. Don't these assholes ever get tired of telling us what to do.

roux said...

This is not all about telling us what to do but telling us what we must pay for.... I can see a new special food stamp card just for salads.

kj said...

I'm to the point now that a government collapse would be welcome as long as it gets rid of the blood sucking politicians now in office.  Then we can start over.  I'm sick of the intrusion and over-regulation of our lives.  It gets to the point where enough is enough.  It's a do-over.

stevewhitemd1 said...

Rush Limbaugh used to joke about a 'Department of Food Security', modeled after what liberals would do to health care, in which we'd have bureaucrats telling us what to eat, how to cook it, with government run food dispensaries and government approved food purchasing.

Rush was just ahead of his time.

Another thought: if affording food is such a problem, why do we have so many obese Americans? I thought unbridled capitalism caused starvation.

Michael Ryan said...

You know, if the feds weren't subsidizing the growers of sugar cane, and corn, and oil-seed crops maybe we would all be eating healthier.  But it's cheap.

Wanda Perry said...

potatoes = potassium and dietary fiber =good for you

potatoes = McDonald's french fries = bad for you