Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Obama Ready To Tackle Homegrown Extremism Using 'Community-Based Solutions'

Must be part of that crack strategy to help avert man-caused disasters here at home. Of course judging by the incendiary rhetoric of Obama and his Democrat flunkies, we all know who the real terrorists are.
Local communities around the country are best suited to take on the challenge of combating the kind of violent extremism that inspires people to kill, the Obama administration concludes in a new national plan to fight the threat of al-Qaida and other violent radicals at home.

And although al-Qaida and like-minded groups pose the "most significant and direct" threat to the U.S., the strategy focuses on violent extremism of all varieties because violent ideologies change over time and "new threats will undoubtedly arise in the future," according to an unclassified draft of the strategy obtained by The Associated Press. It is expected to be released Wednesday.
Extremism of all varieties, huh? Maybe they can start with violent union goons.

Obviously they've spent a lot of time on this plan.
The eight-page plan, more than a year in the making, is short on specifics and stakes out no new ground on the thorny issue of homegrown terrorism.
An eight-page plan took a year to cobble together? How much did this sham cost us?

Sounds like Obama is harkening back to his glory days as a community organizer.
The strategy includes broad statements about protecting civil rights, American values and the importance of partnerships with local stakeholders and the private sector. The federal government’s job is to act in a support role, it said, bringing people together and sharing information about threats and concerns and "community-based solutions."
Really makes you feel safer, huh?


Michael Ryan said...

...and one of those community based solutions is a little something we like to call "reeducation"...

Jeffrey Sturgis said...

Probably means sending some flash mobs of "Angry Youths" down to the local VFW.  I for one can't wait.  Semper Fi!