Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Obama Whines: 'People Don't Listen to Each Other Much'

Another case of projection from the angry manchild. During what was misleadingly promoted as a "listening" tour, he spent the day angrily lashing out and trashing Republicans at every turn, then moans that people aren't listening to each other.

Why the hell should we listen to him when all he does is smear his opponents?
"It used to be that everybody was sitting there watching Walter Cronkite, now everybody is on their own little blog or on their own separate news forum. If you're a Democrat you're reading the New York Times, if you're a Republican, you're watching Fox News. . . people don't listen to each other much."
Actually, those of us with "little blogs" read more news sources than those living in their little echo chamber reading The New York Times. Some of us may watch Fox News, but that's just one of dozens of sites and columns we may read on any given day.

It's curious how little information this guy has, living in his own shielded bubble, limited only to voices that agree with him.

In no small irony, he went out of his way to note Warren Buffett's column Monday that appeared in ... The New York Times.

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laZrtx said...

So when someone says something he doesn't want to hear, he turns and walks away. He's right. he doesn't WANT to listen to people.