Monday, August 15, 2011

Perry: 'I Hope I'm President Obama's Worst Nightmare'

He could well turn out to be, although we figure a month without golf and partying could give it a run.
New GOP presidential darling Rick Perry wants to haunt President Obama's dreams.

"I hope I'm President Obama's worst nightmare," the Texas governor told Fox News. "He's the real problem. It's his policies."

Perry said he's focus like a laser on fixing the economy, noting that on his watch Texas created "more jobs than any other state in the nation - from June of 2009 until present, 40% of all the jobs in America."

He also sought to tamp down comparisons to the last President from the Lone Star State: George W. Bush.

"They're not all carbon copies in Texas. I tell people that one of the quick ways you can tell the difference is he is a Yale graduate and I'm a Texas A&M graduate," he said.

"The next President of the United States, what state you're from doesn't matter. What matters is what is in their heart, what's in their mind. What's in my mind and what's in my heart is we are going to get America working again."
Actually, this likely remains Obama's worst nightmare.

Obama, meanwhile, sure is doing plenty of trash-talking on his so-called listening tour.

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Michael Ryan said...

I thought his worst nightmare involved Michele actually making him eat his peas.